Twisted Threads – Book Cover Artwork & Video Process
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This image is the cover artwork for ‘Twisted Threads’, a fantasy novel by Ryan Kinsch. The book features both darkness and light, wolves, dreams, spirits, trees and various other spiritual and medieval fantasy elements. For the design of the cover I needed to capture a balance; fantasy that would suit both young and adult readers. I wished to paint the magic of fantasy whilst avoiding cliché and instead present something contemporary. The book is due to be published soon.

This the first project that I have filmed from start to finish. Jump over to my Website or YouTube channel to watch the creation process of this artwork!

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I approached Mike Nash to produce the cover art for my novel, having already considered a number of other artists. Mike’s fantasy paintings stood out on account of his innovative compositions and consummate ability to generate atmosphere and realism through combinations of detail, colour and lighting. Throughout the project, Mike kept in close contact and regularly updated me on his progress. He was meticulous in his research and studied relevant scenes from the book in order to elicit characterisation and style. The preliminary sketches were astounding, far exceeding my expectations. At each stage Mike sought my feedback before proceeding to the next level of detail. His designs for the protagonist and the creature he is fighting on the cover were entirely faithful to my descriptions and have significantly improved upon my own ability to visualise the characters. The work has a phenomenal amount of subtle detail, suggesting not only the wider story and enticing the viewer to open the book to find out what happens, but also hinting at some of the underlying themes in the novel. I have been impressed throughout by Mike’s professionalism, excellent communication and, perhaps most importantly, his ability to enter into the work, take creative ownership, and to produce something that is both compelling and extraordinary.” Derek Prior, author of ‘The Resurrection of Deacon Shader’ (Homunculus Books 2009) “Filmmaking is not solely a visual medium; it’s about communicating a message in a powerful and evocative fashion, with flair and finesse. So when it came time to create concept art for my film project, it was critical to work closely with an artist who not only was skilled at his or her trade, but one who understood the importance of translating the nuance of written words into a compelling, iconic image. Mike Nash proved his talent ten fold with the work he delivered. The process was always professional, constructive and illuminating. Mike always incorporated the feedback I offered and, moreover, surprised me with many artful choices that helped elevate the end results to a level I hadn’t imagined possible. He turned the typical client-vendor relationship into a synergistic creative team. It’s this collaborative spirit that made working with Mike wholly satisfying. I’m looking forward to the next round, Mr. Nash. Kudos!
— Jeffrey B. Palmer, Writer/director of The Sleeping Deep -