The Fae Knight
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This illustration was painted for an anthology – a collective project that unfortunately didn’t make it to print. The initial inspiration for this piece was a character from Tad Williams’ “Shadowmarch” tetralogy. In the books, humanity’s greatest enemy comes from behind the Shadowline: it’s the fairy folk, inhabiting the lands of eternal twilight. One of their most fierce warriors is known as Lady Porcupine because of her spiked armour. The idea of combining an ethereal elven beauty with a heavy, organic, asymmetric armour stuck with me and this is the result. Painting the armour, I looked at human-made structures – gothic spires featured quite prominently here – but also at living, growing things, like roots and barnacles.

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I'm a painter and illustrator working in the publishing industry since 2004. I've a passion for fantasy illustration and book design, and a background in medieval reenactment.

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