Illustrator Testimonials

Joshua Brent
Joshua Brent is a Manchester based illustrato...
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Joshua is a brilliant Illustrator and Animator. With a distinct style, he offers creativity and unique aesthetics to clients all over the world. If you like TV, you might have seen his 'twin lookalike', Richard Ayoade.
Andy Golpys, Shape Design

Mariya Prytula
Drawing inspiration from folk-tales and wildl...
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Mariya has the exceptional ability to make fantasy more vivid and vibrant. I love the subtle texture and the outrageous detail and realism, as well as the simplicity of it.

Josh Filhol
Hi, I'm Josh a UK based freelancer. In my wor...
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"I have worked with Josh on a number of projects and have found his work to be of an incredibly high standard. He has always been able to deliver any of my projects within budget and within the required timeframe. He has worked under incredible pressure to deliver one very urgent project for me and managed to stay calm and in control and best of all delivered on time. What I’ve been so pleased about is that he’s been able to come up with appropriate and different styles for my clients. I look forward to working with Josh on many more projects in the future."
Michael de Groot, Whiteboard Animation Producer and Director - @stayingaliveuk

Alex McArdell
Alex is a professional artist and illustrator...
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"I CAN NOT WAIT for you to see the cover illustration (Alex did) for the next Jackson Speed novel. It is glorious. When my youngest son saw the first draft of the cover, he said, “You’re going to have to write a better book to go with that cover.”
Rob Peecher

Judi Thomas
Who the F*** is Judi Thomas? This uncompromi...
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Judi.. 'This is GLORIOUS! Thank you so much. We love it' 'Once again let me say how much I love this design its amazing!! Thank you so much!'
Heidi Froberg, Abaixo Attire

Kathryn Harper
I adore the combination of words and pictures...
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I cannot express enough to you the excitement I felt each time you created a picture page from my story. You have brought all the characters to life on every page - not only did you satisfy my expectations, but you exceeded them! I am really taken with the mirror images that you created from my words. They are remarkable - expressions, detail, scenery, even Mary the sheep! The service that you offered to me and your support and advice has been very encouraging and extremely helpful. You have helped me to believe in my work as a writer and brought it to life in a style that I love to bits!
Paula Stone, Molly and Sam series

Rollin McGrail
Rollin McGrail’s trademark images are recog...
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In the same spirit of humorist P.G.Wodehouse, the illustrations by Rollin McGrail rib upper class foibles in a jocular fashion. A contemporary artist, her work has graced gallery walls from Paris to New York and has been featured in countless publications including weekly columns the New York Times and the Washington Post.
Quest Magazine , Editor

Ginger Nielson
I am a full time Picture Book Author/Artist. ...
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My expertise lies in illustrating Children's Books. Clients are happy with my work and the reviews for my books are excellent. Because I illustrate and do the layout and finished PDFs for the books I work on the client gets a finished product.

Jim Steck
You've already put your hands on Jim Steck's ...
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Jim is fantastic to work with. I had the pleasure of hiring Jim a few years ago to work with us on the Dixie Riddle Cups and Riddle Cups packaging for Georia-Pacific. Jim contributed to the creative process as well as creating the illustrations. Jim is extremely enthusiastic about his work, which is infectious. Jim met all of our deadlines, was easy to work with, and created memorable illustrations for the Riddle Cups that are still being used in the market today. We have hired Jim since to work with us on A&W internal signage, as well as additional Dixie projects.
Bill Leissring, SubZero Design

Simeon Elson
Simeon Elson is an inspired international ill...
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"I found Simeon not only prompt and easy to work with but also he has the right balance of fulfilling the brief and suggesting various executions. The whole process was pleasurable and received a fantastic piece of artwork at the end of it." Justin Snartt, Creative Director, Total TVGuide "Delivered the perfect illustration that adhered to our brief but also included many aspects that Simeon worked in using his own style and expertise. His piece has lifted what could have been a run-of-the-mill cover to something truly unique." Nigel Wynn, Cycling Weekly

Anthony Mata
Anthony Mata was born and raised in San Franc...
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Anthony is amazing, simply amazing! He takes your basic ideas and turns them into a work of art beyond your expectations.
Joe Diorio , CEO, TSXC Inc.

Katy Potaty
Katy Potaty graduated in 2004 with a BA Hons ...
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Katy has captured the essence of the Museum perfectly. She has helped us to tell the story of the Knights of St John to a whole new audience through the creation of her wonderful characters, Victoria and Furley. She is always easy to work with and is extremely patient with us as our ideas often evolve!
Hannah Agass, Museum of the Order of St John

James Eric
James is a freelance Illustrator who lives in...
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James illustrative work is driven by his passion for the craft. Although James possesses countless illustrative abilities, I find that he has a real niche for what I would describe as an abstract, hyper-realism. I commissioned James to create a very stylized title for me to use within my Youtube web series comedy sketch, "Hoop Conspiracies: Boston". James was incredibly easy to work with and not only captured my envisioned concept, but greatly surpassed my expectations. James Hartzell is an excellent illustrator with an extremely wide range of diversity and I highly recommend his art.
Harrison Tedoff, Tedoffski Films

Leo Hartas
My artistic career includes book illustration...
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Working with Leo was a pleasure ~ he brought professionalism and a wealth of experience to the project whilst remaining approachable and friendly. His high-quality artwork amply demonstrates his excellent traditional draughtsmanship skills and a full understanding of digital art. He was quick to respond to comments, and at each stage of the project he took his work further than asked, resulting in a great book. I highly recommend Leo, and hope to work with him again soon.
Martin Taylor, Author, Designer, and Paper Engineer at Paper Piranha

Tom Woolley
I’m a freelance illustrator based in West Y...
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Tom’s illustration stood out so very far from the crowd. His use of colour, character and his incredible imagination has resulted in something that I enjoy going back to more and more. I hope to work with Tom lots more in the future!
Oisín Share, Creative Designer, Natural Retreats

Marc Scheff
Marc Scheff is an Illustrator and Art Directo...
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Marc Scheff was quick and efficient with his artwork. He provided exactly what our company needed and he did so with a fine attitude and was never reluctant to go back and make changes. We highly recommend him.
Valerian Ruminski, Artistic Director

Kristian Olson
Kristian Olson is an award winning illustrato...
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"I thank Kristian for his professionalism, commitment, and willingness to address input. He had a great attitude throughout our project. All attributes, as well as his skills as an illustrator, were greatly appreciated". -Jeanette Aramburu, Tim Harris Design "Kristian's intricate and unique style of illustration has marked him out as a man to watch... his creations make heads turn". -Debbi Allen, Advanced Photoshop Magazine

Jack Knight
Illustrator, cartoonist & pen-wrangler fr...
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Jack is really good to work with and very creative. Listens to his customers and keeps in touch with progress. No hesitation in recommending his services. , SCS Logistics

Felix Altreus
I'm Graphic designer and illustrator/ designe...
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I'm sure my clients have been pleased with the work i've delivered. Have been delivered pretty exclusive pieces of work this year and got some really good feedback. I made a single piece for an exhibition, and the feedback was so good that the company that held the show decided to create a limited edition which means that lots of people have requested the piece I did. I think people like my work because it's funny and playful and at the same time straightforward and at the point many times. Have got lots of followers and many design request lately. Very Happy that people say so great things.
Street of Beige, Bestreet, ICEA, Sleepless minds, etc., Art blogger/maker, Urban, street magazine, Music lable, Clothes company

Simona De Leo
I’m originally from Puglia, the heel of Ita...
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"I had the pleasure of working with Simona in making some illustrations for our magazine and I've been extremely impressed by her skills. Simona is a creative, skillful and precise person, able to stimulate others in the finalisation of a graphic project and to work on deliveries. I wish her all the best for the future and I would recommend her as an illustrator without any doubt."
Stefano Broli, CEO at Italian Kingdom, Vice President at YES (London) and Director at Phocus Collective

Gaz Roberts
Gaz is owner of Thick Black Line Ltd, provide...
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Gaz Roberts, you are a genius and I love you" - Mark Sargeant (Former Claridges head chef and director of Rocksalt, Kent) "Gaz, if you weren't already married I'd ask you to consider a civil ceremony" - Adam Humphrey, Editor, Random House "A huge thanks to Gaz for bringing our conversations to life" - Imran Hussain, My Hotels "What a star! Absolutely loved his work" -Helen Cooke, Director, My Plus Consulting "A massive well done on the graphic novelisation of The Adventures of Simon Pegg. It's so brilliant and will be a real treat for app lovers" - Simon Pegg, Actor/Writer

Joseph Wilkins
Joseph Wilkins is a freelance illustrator and...
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"Joseph took the idea from my head and brought it to life even better than I had imagined. He's professional, easy to work with and has great ideas. If you want his style, there's no reason to consider another artist."
Chad Upton, Webfluid

Jo Blakely
I am an artist/ illustrator based in Toronto,...
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"We have received the client feedback on your final art for Three Strong Woman. They were delighted with your gorgeous finished art work and were in awe of the detailed fabrics that you clothed the characters in."
Dianne Cassidy, Art Buyer

Dave Franks
The Most Experienced Picture-Strip Artist in ...
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“…your skills are closer to Raphael than any employed by most modern students…”
Brian Sewell, Art Critic, London Evening News, TV Celebrity and former Art Dealer at Christie's Auctioneers, London.

Sharnee Taylor is a Melbourne based Fashion I...
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We have worked with Sharnee for over a year now and she is both incredibly talented and a joy to work with. Sharnee is always responsive to our needs and willing to go the extra mile to ensure we are satisfied with the product. I would highly recommend Sharnee to anyone looking for a talented artist. ~~ Keri Multerer, Co-founder, SilkWords LLC.
Keri Multerer, SilkWords LLC

Stuart Harrison
I'm a professional illustrator with 20 years ...
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"Stuart Harrison is a cartoon visionary. He's personally one of the most influential artists I've a teenager I met 'Stu' and was blown away by his complex world of bizarre characters and fantastic creations. His unique approach to color and characterization make him a goldmine for the luscious aesthetic so thirsted for in our modern culture. It's an honor to work with him & the results of our collaboration are stunning.”
Tristan Eaton, creative director of both Kidrobot and Thunderdog studios in the US.

Igor Fiorentini
Igor Fiorentini is an illustrator based in Lo...
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Our work with Igor aimed to create 3 unique designs for our clothing company, "Fade by Grey". We were thrilled when Igor resulted in completing the task in only 2 weeks. That was beyond our expectations in terms of time. What we really appreciated most about working with Igor was his ability to creatively improvise, which made the process go by smoothly and kept everyone happy. All in all, we will most likely do business with Igor again, and we highly recommend anyone who uses Hire an Illustrator to seek him out first! - Logan Tran & Leon Larano
Logan Tran & Leon Larano, Fade by Grey

Anna Platts
I am a freelance illustrator and designer wit...
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"In 2008 I was looking for a designer to translate design ideas I had into reality and had the very good fortune to find Anna. Right from the start she was extremely easy and personable to work with and proved to have a real understanding of what I was looking for. She has endless amounts of patience and I have been delighted with the results of the projects we have worked on together. I am very happy to recommend her to anyone looking for an illustrator."
Kate Geissmann, Creative Director, French Flo

Hollie Mengert
Hollie Mengert is a Character Artist and Anim...
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"I consider myself very lucky that Hollie found my ad when I was looking for an illustrator for my book. As soon as I saw her sample sketch of my character, I yelped out with joy! Her style, design, and color pallet is exactly what I was looking for. She has been very professional, responsive, and takes feedback graciously. She's happy to make the illustrations 100% perfect. I am so grateful that I was blessed with such an outstanding and gifted illustrator and that she magically brought my characters to life."
Christina Cole, Author

Danielle Fisher
Danielle Fisher is a New York based Illustrat...
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"It was such a pleasure working with you! Incredible work!"
Jennifer Renari , Gabrielle's Angel Foundation for Cancer Research

Hristo Mihov
I specialize in comic art, cartoons and fairy...
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Hristo's attention to detail and follow through on a project is really amazing. He takes and executes suggestions with a great level of professionalism. Able to see the little things that might be overlooked and implement them. If you want a strong project with a smooth workflow thanks to an intelligent designer and illustrator, hire Hristo, it will be on of the best decisions you make for your project.
Mike Raven, Raven Mad Games

Duncan Beedie
I am an illustrator and 2D animator based in ...
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Duncan is an absolute pleasure to work with, he always comes up with really fun and witty illustration solutions for our articles in Bulletin magazine. I have not been disappointed with a single piece of his work he has done for us, I’ve loved them all! He works really fast and always gets work to us on deadline or before. His work always brings a smile to my face, I would highly recommend commissioning Duncan!
Carrie Bremner, Redactive Publishing

Elise Martinson
I'm a Sydney based illustrator with a painter...
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We chose to use Elise as an artist for our labels because of the care and attention to detail that she puts into every piece of artwork. We found Elise easy to work with and prompt with changes and feed back regarding the artwork in progress.  We loved how she was able to bring the label ideas to life and add the finishing touches that make an ordinary label extraordinary. Our experience with her was very professional and we would defiantly recommend Elise to another business or individual.
Cherylynn Bos, Rock Ridge Dairy

Brandon Dawley
Award winning illustrative designer bridging ...
Portfolio | Website

I can't say enough good things. He is easy to communicate with, has amazing ideas and talent, and really captures the themes one may be looking for. Everyone should get a chance to see themselves as a super hero or comic book character. I am sure that I am treating myself to one of these too in the near future. I encourage anyone that's thinking about it to go for it! Cheers, Brandon.
Anthony Rivera

Renaldho Pelle
I am an illustrator and animator based in nor...
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"Excellent artist. Really understood what I wanted. Delivered on time. Will use again and highly recommend"
Daniel Lim, Stand While You Work

Gareth Axford
I'm an animator and illustrator with over 10 ...
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"Gareth is a pleasure to work with, not only is he a very talented animator, he also brings consideration, knowledge, experience and a passion for producing great work to projects. He is an asset to any team, I hope to work with Gareth again in the future."
Emily Webber, Senior Project manager, Dachis group

Belinda Morris
I am keen to do more picture books and would ...
Portfolio | Website

The pictures look absolutely beautiful. I realize now how much work goes into it. The mixing of all the colours is amazing. Love the colours of the majestic angel wings. Wonderful, great job.
Gabrielle Bettels-Hoffman, Author

Simon Whittaker
Illustration and graphic design for print and...
Portfolio | Website

Simon took our initial concept to very loose script and created a list of illustrations we needed to make our whiteboard video simply work. He delivered the first few illustrations in sketch form, and we knew he was going to nail it. On budget and on time every step of the way, Simon was not only a genius illustrator but a lovely person to work with. He has a talent for taking the everyday and making it sing. He delighted our audience with his clever and cute characters, and went beyond what we thought was even possible. We'd work with him again in a heartbeat.
Jennifer del Greco,

Steven Noble
Steven Noble expertise includes, woodcut, eng...
Portfolio | Website

“Steve is one of those rare creative types who can use both hemispheres of his brain to create tight, outstanding illustrations--every time. His website speaks volumes about the quality of his work, so let me speak to the quality of his ethos: Steve is sharp, friendly and very professional. He pulls out the stops and delivers above-expectation results consistently. Thanks Steve!” February 15, 2008 Steve Fischer / Fischer Design 2008
Steve Fischer, Fischer Design

Kathryn Corlett
I'm an Illustrator originally from rural Hamp...
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Kathryn has been instrumental in developing Attitude is Everything’s publicity materials and branding through attentive layout, creative design and wonderful illustrations. Kathryn has proved herself to be adaptable and reliable, whilst always demonstrating great awareness of accessibility and understanding of our charitable values."
Graham Griffiths, Business & Operations Manager, Attitude is Everything

Joanna Scott
Joanna has worked as an artist and illustrato...
Portfolio | Website

Joanna was a dream to work with as an illustrator. As a publisher I am always looking for people who can take initiative and still provide me with exactly what I want, Joanna was amazing and seemed to read my mind, knowing what would work even if I didn't. Her work was excellent but it was her attitude to the work that would make me happy to work with her again.
James Shaw, Matthew James Publishing Ltd.

Andrew Hammond
I most enjoy creating illustrations that tell...
Portfolio | Website

We use Andrew regularly for character designs and storyboards and we can always depend on him exceeding our expectations in an amazingly short space of time. Given the vaguest briefs he will understand exactly what we're asking him to do and his designs and ability to use images as storytelling tools enable us to really streamline the production process from there, saving us time and money in the long run. We would highly recommend Andrew to anybody looking for characterful designs, effective and thoughtful storyboards and concept images.
Mike Richter, Director at Engine House VFX

Jonboy Wotton
As a kid Jon used to draw cartoon characters ...
Portfolio | Website

"First class! Can't recommend highly enough. I have used Jon many times over the past 6 months and his work has always been outstanding and he's a pleasure to deal with."
Deborah Gersohn, Kid's Party Guild

Shirow Di Rosso
I am a freelance illustrator. I have just fin...
Portfolio | Website

Simply stated Shirow is awesome. He's brought our manuscript to life in ways we couldn't even imagine. Shirow's professionalism is top notch, every concept he has delivered has surpassed our expectations. We're so fortunate that we get to work with such an amazing artist
Heather C. Dahl, The Cynja LLC

Rachel George
Rachel George is a Freelance Illustrator &...
Portfolio | Website

Rachel created the front cover for our new title 'House of Vampires', a novel aimed squarely at the teen market. We selected Rachel on the quality of her portfolio and were delighted with the ideas she came up with. She worked to the brief, and also brought her own creative flair to the project. I'd like to work with Rachel again soon and thoroughly recommend her as a supplier.
Helen Hart, Silverwood Books

Eugene Smith
I am an artist and illustrator based in Chica...
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"Eugene Smith is one of my very favorite illustrators, and I've worked with a ton. He has illustrated 8 or 9 books for my company (including several award winners & at least one New York Times bestseller). His illustrations are always packed with imaginative and rewarding details. He brings a million creative ideas to every assignment. He makes terrific use of light and shadow. He never cuts corners. And he has never, ever missed a deadline. We just hired him for a new project and I can't wait to hire him again."
Jason Rekulak, Publisher at Quirk Books

Dan Lambert
An Illustrator, designer and full time consum...
Portfolio | Website

"Dan Lambert was pivotal in our poster campaign for TfL (Transport for London) warning Londoners about the potential travel problems during the Olympics. He is a truly inspirational designer and artist. His work was exceptionally timely, considered and of a consistently high quality. I can't wait to work with him again. I would recommend Dan every time, he is a unique artist."
Jane Bolton, Producer. Picasso Pictures

Sian Bowman
Working and living near Aberystwyth in Cnwch ...
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We hired Sian as a contractor to illustrate our children's book. Our relationship could not have been more perfect. She was able to interpret the story and the illustrations showed that she knew the characters and brought them to life. Any modifications were made graciously and quickly. We could count on her an w ll use her again and again and again as we publish more books.
Joyce Koff and Beverly Ellman, Cleverthinkers LA

Anton Brand
I am a freelance illustrator from Newcastl...
Portfolio | Website

I have employed Anton's services for the past 5 or 6 years and he has always been my "go to guy" for anything that requires special attention and care. His ability to interpret and follow a brief is what sets him apart from most and the quality of his work speaks for itself (take a moment to scan through his portfolio) His stock images are great but his personalisation is even better!
Mike Said , Owner at

Pete Underhill
An illustrator specialising in art for childr...
Portfolio | Website

"It has been a pleasure working with Pete. We were looking for an illustrator for the longest time, and once we discovered his excellent drawings from, we knew he was the one. He was the ultimate professional - efficient, timely, and especially creative. Not only did his illustration far exceed our expectations, but he completed the project much ahead of our timeline. We look forward to working with him again."
Stephanie Sewell, Packed House Publications

Mike Nash
Mike Nash is a qualified and professional Ill...
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I approached Mike Nash to produce the cover art for my novel, having already considered a number of other artists. Mike’s fantasy paintings stood out on account of his innovative compositions and consummate ability to generate atmosphere and realism through combinations of detail, colour and lighting. Throughout the project, Mike kept in close contact and regularly updated me on his progress. He was meticulous in his research and studied relevant scenes from the book in order to elicit characterisation and style. The preliminary sketches were astounding, far exceeding my expectations. At each stage Mike sought my feedback before proceeding to the next level of detail. His designs for the protagonist and the creature he is fighting on the cover were entirely faithful to my descriptions and have significantly improved upon my own ability to visualise the characters. The work has a phenomenal amount of subtle detail, suggesting not only the wider story and enticing the viewer to open the book to find out what happens, but also hinting at some of the underlying themes in the novel. I have been impressed throughout by Mike’s professionalism, excellent communication and, perhaps most importantly, his ability to enter into the work, take creative ownership, and to produce something that is both compelling and extraordinary.” Derek Prior, author of ‘The Resurrection of Deacon Shader’ (Homunculus Books 2009) “Filmmaking is not solely a visual medium; it’s about communicating a message in a powerful and evocative fashion, with flair and finesse. So when it came time to create concept art for my film project, it was critical to work closely with an artist who not only was skilled at his or her trade, but one who understood the importance of translating the nuance of written words into a compelling, iconic image. Mike Nash proved his talent ten fold with the work he delivered. The process was always professional, constructive and illuminating. Mike always incorporated the feedback I offered and, moreover, surprised me with many artful choices that helped elevate the end results to a level I hadn’t imagined possible. He turned the typical client-vendor relationship into a synergistic creative team. It’s this collaborative spirit that made working with Mike wholly satisfying. I’m looking forward to the next round, Mr. Nash. Kudos!
Jeffrey B. Palmer, Writer/director of The Sleeping Deep -

Simon Myers
Growing up in a sleepy farming village in the...
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Simon is a truly talented graphic designer and illustrator who very professionally, patiently and good-humoredly worked with me on my 'Organize Me!' logo and illustration. He was always very prompt at responding and following-up, something which is very important to me. I cannot recommend Simon highly enough if you want an one-of-a-kind illustration everybody will love!
Sarah Neuenschwander, Organize Me!

Daniel F. Birch
A baby born in Dallas, Texas moves to Oklahom...
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"I couldn't have done it without you. You took what I had in my head and put it down perfectly."
Ron Menin, Hell's Kitchen Hot Sauce

Brian Allen
Frequent projects involve designing T-Shirts,...
Portfolio | Website

Brian’s work excels with fresh creative flair while paying close attention to all requirements of the Design Brief. Brian Allen is “The Man” when you want fast, top quality art that hits the target every time.
Scott Corkins, Hard Rock Cafe

Barbara Pollak-Lewis
Since 1995, I have worn many hats as an artis...
Portfolio | Website

“Barbara is a very talented artist. I hired Barbara to illustrate our monthly humor column in Girlfriends magazines. I was always pleased with the quality of work she produced for us. She did some cover illustrations for the magazine as well. We received a lot praise about the covers she did. Barbara meet her deadline every time and was willing to work within our budget. I plan to work with her again in the near future."
Ethan Duran, Art Directer / Graphic Designer at HCP/Aboard Publishing

Kathy Jurek
An accomplished watercolorist with a BA in St...
Portfolio | Website

Kathy is an exceptionally talented artist with a gift for illustrating, especially figurative images. She is easy to work with, always on time and refines her work until we are happy. We are fortunate to work with Kathy and highly recommend her.
Brenda Humlicek, Big Busy B, Fremont, Nebraska, USA

Paul Loudon
"Anything that does exist, has existed, or ma...
Portfolio | Website

Paul Loudon created approximately 90 artworks for me for a series of children’s reading books. The brief was to create a set of characters in a naturalistic style to complement a more graphic approach within the books. We were extremely happy with the work Paul carried out and how well he hit the marks of the brief. His approach was considered and sympathetic to the series style and age-appropriate. His work was well-timed and amends were carried out promptly. I would definitely work with Paul again.
Sasha Morton, Publishing Manager Rising Stars; Resources that inspire

Robin Boyden
Robin Boyden works as an Illustrator, writer ...
Portfolio | Website

"Robin was open to suggestions and fully took on our comments and tailored his illustrations to our exact requirements. The work was delivered on time and to a very high standard. I would definitely work with Robin again and I would highly recommend him to any client." - Angel Greenham - Subvert Magazine

Leslie Murphy
Leslie Murphy attended the Atlanta College of...
Portfolio | Website

Leslie Murphy is a talented and very professional illustrator. She not only met all of my needs for my project, she exceeded them. I already have hired her for future projects and am beyond excited about the pictures she will be creating for the next book in my series!
Anna B. Madrise, Author

Jodee Taylah
Jodee Taylah was born in 1983 in Victoria, Au...
Portfolio | Website

Jodee Taylor is as patient as she is talented. She cheerfully put up with multiple revisions, all the while providing beautiful, captivating images. Partnering with her is money well spent. The final product was stunning, and everyone who has seen it has had the same expression: "Oh wow!"
Doug Glener, Catalyst Creative Services

Chris Hall Draws
My passion is colours, shadows and compositio...
Portfolio | Website

Hired Chris to help with illustrations for an educational app. Couldn’t be more happy with his work as well as his professionalism. He’s a great guy with tons of talent.
Justin Heinzer, Ideas Fortress / Space App Illustrations

Michael Grills
Michael Grills Illustration and Artwork does ...
Portfolio | Website

“Michael always delivers on time and exactly as promised. I’m pretty new to the development process, so many of the description of the required illustrations were vague, but Michael came up with some great designs that fleshed out the ideas. He’s very talented and professional and I highly recommend his services.”
Vic Davis, CEO, Cryptic Comet Inc.

Vicky Scott
I'm a freelance Illustrator recently relocate...
Portfolio | Website

We really loved working with Vicky. We noticed her artwork immediatley when trying to decide on an artist, because unlike a lot of retro artwork out there hers had a very natural and playful feel to it. Vicky took our feedback on-board, stayed enthusiastic and delivered more than we were expecting. We couldn’t have asked for more and we’re very happy to have her artwork featured in our #TileArt gallery.
Ricc Webb, Microsoft

Joyce Schellekens
Hi My name is Joyce and I work as an free-lan...
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the illustrations of joyce give the magazine a face How do you get the idea? What a gorgeous cover art! PGGM about investing in your retirement: wow!

Graeme Neil Reid
Graeme Neil Reid is a Scottish artist living ...
Portfolio | Website

I employed Graeme as the sole illustrator and designer on The Dangerous Book of Heroes. The quality of his work was excellent and he was great at understanding what we at HarperCollins needed, and at doing it quickly too. It was a complicated project, and the drawings needed to be historically accurate as well as engaging for the reader and Graeme was particularly good at paying attention to the details which were important to us and the author. The project was on a tight timescale and he rose to the challenge, producing everything in time and to budget, with great creativity, speed and care.
Clare Hey, Senior Editor HarperCollins

Tom Parsons
Hello! my name is Tom Parsons and I’m a des...
Portfolio | Website

"We think that these are absolutely amazing…they’re going to be a real standout in the magazine." "Who’s my fav illustrator on Earth?! This looks amazing. Love, Love, Love it! I’m super excited for this!" "This was above and beyond and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!"
Roger Williams University

Meg Owenson
Meg is a freelance artist based in the UK. Sh...
Portfolio | Website

"Meg is one of the most responsible and punctual artists one could ever hope to have on their team. Her responsible and punctual nature are matched by her immense talent and her can-do attitude brings up the motivation levels for the rest of the development team as well. She is very easy to communicate with, as well as pleasant to work with."
Myron Mortakis , President, Executive Producer & Founder at HELM Systems, LLC.

Junichi Tsuneoka
Junichi Tsuneoka was born and raised in Japan...
Portfolio | Website

I had a look at the finalized graphics. Very impressive. I like them a lot. I definitely would like to continue this relationship. I’m a big fan of your work. Be well and thanks again,
Mike Klein, adidas

Kathryn Rathke
Expressive line! Kathryn is a Seattle-based I...
Portfolio | Website

Kathryn!! these are fantastic! Oh I'm so excited. Let me pass these around and I'll let you know which works better in a week. Know that we're deeply pleased and looking forward to seeing more!
Katie Wilson, Portraits for MAKE Magazine

John Perlock
Retro, Vintage, Poster, Advertising, Editoria...
Portfolio | Website

"The City Paper has turned to John frequently for elegant visual solutions to tough cover stories. He collaborates well, hits deadlines and provides smart options. He's just one of the best out there."
Steve Cavendish, Editor, The City Paper

Will Cartwright
Hi there! I'm Will Cartwright, a freelance i...
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"Will is an excellent artist and produces stunning work to such high quality. The pictures he has produced for me exceeded expectations – any queries or alterations I requested were dealt with quickly so the finished product was spot on :) 100% recommend his work x"
Harriet Allen

Cheryl Crouthamel
Hi! I have been drawing since I could hold a ...
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After interviewing three potential artists, I selected Cheryl for my children's book project. What a great choice she has proven to be! Her enthusiasm was so genuine and her communication was so encouraging during the project that I felt as if I was working with a longtime friend. Her art was witty, whimsical, and mysterious - just perfect for the theme of my children's story. She was focused and timely and a complete joy to work with. Her understanding of my rather vague concepts was so intuitive and insightful that I believe she has made for an even more compelling finished work.
William Mayo

Kirsten Shiel
Irish illustrator currently living in the Nor...
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“Working with Kirsten was a delight. She was very accommodating of our needs on this project, prompt to respond to our request, and very professional. Working with her was very collaborative and I was impressed by her ideas and creative solutions. She was also very welcoming of feedback and worked well to follow our brief. It was a pleasure to work with her.”
Joseph Coompson, TJX Canada (Marshalls, HomeSense, Winners)

Craig LaRotonda
Craig LaRotonda is an illustrator and fine ar...
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Craig's style (and that of Revelation Studios) is unlike anything else on the market for illustration. For that alone, his work stands out. In addition, his concepts are insightful, leading him to create unique and interesting work for whatever subject matter he tackles. He is diligent and very professional when it comes to getting sketches and finals completed on a tight deadline. I highly recommend Craig and his beautiful artwork.
Jessica Guarino, Freelance Art Director

Paul Shipper
Inspired from a very young age by the one she...
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“We hired Paul for a project with a really tight timeline. Add to that a holiday and the fact that we were half a world apart, things could have gone horribly wrong. But Paul was great. Got us everything we need and more. Was easy to work with, always available and delivered great results.” August 26, 2012
Fabian Grateroles, JWT New York

Rachelle Meyer
Rachelle Meyer was born in the state of Texas...
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I approached Rachelle last year with a handful of illustration and design tasks. The brief had a two-fold nature… the technical specifications were laid out quite firmly, and these were met with absolute precision. Design-wise, a few thoughts were passed on as guidance. This is where Rachelle really shines. She has taken this latter part, met expectations, and taken it further to become an enormously artistic and well-rounded deliverable. Her artistic interpretation added astounding value to the product. A rare cross between amazing illustration capability and technical delivery. Wow.
Pieter Grobler, Founder, Kubisha Ltd.

Richard Huante
Hello there! I am a professional illustrator ...
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"Our company was looking for a different image for a new shirt. I came across a sample of Richard's work and thought he might be able to create the type of image we were looking for. Working with Richard to create the final image was easy and only took a couple of drafts to capture what we wanted. If you are looking for a professional artist who can turn your ideas into a reality, definitely use Richard's talent!"
Mike Simpson, Marauders Tactical Training

Marcus Marritt
Marcus works from his studio in Leicester, UK...
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‘Marcus has been an absolute delight to work with. Nothing is ever too much bother and I have been blown away by how incredibly talented he is. Always takes the time to explain his reasoning for certain aspects of his design and has been very adaptable to a number of different briefs. He is our go to guy for all our design needs. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.'
Greg Kelly, Brand and Marketing Director, Jon Vincent Watchmakers

Christina Ellis
Born and raised in San Antonio TX, I now boun...
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Christina is a joy to work with. Her artistic skills speak for themselves... Christina's illustrations embody a curious and page-turning artistic style. From a professional point of view I highly recommend Christina and would work with her again in a heartbeat. A great communicator, Christina was open and upfront about the project from Day 1 and studiously kept to the timetable she set. Christina is a pleasure to work with and and I am exceptionally pleased with the outcome. If you get the chance, work with Christina Ellis.
Andrew Bunster, CEO at My Time Books

Andy Sykes
Andy Sykes is an award-winning animator, illu...
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"Andy is everything you need in an illustrator. Creative, approachable, reliable and extremely talented. I’ve worked with Andy on a few projects and each and every one has turned out better than expected. I commissioned him to create a mascot for my education company InspirEd Workshops. The Mascot was brilliant, so good that I then asked him to create a channel ident which would appear at the end of our videos. I will continue to go to Andy for all of my illustration and animation needs and would recommend him to everyone".
Dawn Feather,

Suzie Mason
Freelance digital illustrator from England, w...
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WOW!!! I am speechless! This is absolutely amazing. It looks straight out a children's book!!! You've done an amazing job. The background and the setting is perfect. I sincerely love the way you've illustrated my son capturing all the minor details. This is really beyond what I expected. I can't wait to get it printed.
Private Commission Client

James Lemon
I create exciting digital and hand drawn imag...
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In July 2015 I contacted James following a recommendation from a colleague who said he would be perfect to help illustrate the 15/16 campaign for Ice Rink Canary Wharf. I'm so pleased I did. James was professional from the outset and took every measure to understand exactly what we needed. Despite the very tight time constraints we had given James, his enthusiasm and work ethic on the project was brilliant. Another commendable point is James' ability to transfer his detailed work to appear perfectly on large outdoor advertising formats, something I found few illustrators could achieve. We have
Holly, Run Wild Media Group

Jan Bowman
I'm an architect-trained freelance artist bas...
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"Have just presented your artwork to the working group – they loved it, unanimously! ...their comments: - cleverly followed and interpreted the brief perfectly - beautiful piece of work - dynamic and lots to explore - unexpected (in a good way!)..."
Sarah Rennie, Colmore Business District

Caroline Vos
I am an artist and illustrator and have been ...
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Caroline is an absolute pleasure to work with. It is exceedingly rare to find someone in the creative world who is as talented as she is professional, running her business to the highest standard whilst exceeding her clients’ expectations. She interprets briefs incredibly well, taking great direction without needing much guidance. Caroline goes above and beyond, working hard to make seemingly impossible deadlines. But the main reason I choose to work with Caroline is her phenomenal talent, that manifests into brilliant works of art.
JP le Roux , Creative Director | Grey CT

Tomás Motos Plazuelo
My name is Tomás Motos Plazuelo and I'm an I...
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I am Ismael, one of the administrators of the blog Spoiler Zombie. We planned to change the look of our website for its anniversary and did not hesitate to ask Tomás to design a header and we gave him total freedom to display the specific content. The result was so scarily impressive that we still have it today. Tomás joined seamlessly into the group atmosphere and he integrated spotlessly the previewed ideas of our blog. Furthermore, he was responsible with the agreed dates and very generous with his time and energies. Therefore, I can doubtlessly recommend Tomás for your institution.
Ismael Sanchez, Administrator of

Gregory Nelson
My passion is and has always been drawing and...
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My drawings have been described as “consistent, with great energy and very upbeat and fun.”

Jenna Riggs
Skilled in working with art editors and book ...
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“We first commissioned Jenna to illustrate our Real-size Baby Animals. Jenna was an absolute pleasure to work with, she is highly professional, has a great instinct for the brief and seamlessly fitted into our work schedule. We had no hesitation in asking her to work on the second book of the series Real-size Farm Animals. Yet again she was a joy to work with.”

Gabriela Larios
Salvadorean illustrator and textile surface d...
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It has been a true pleasure working with Gabriela. She brings a sense of fun, youthfulness to DENY Designs that our audience flocks to and we look forward to seeing what vibrant designs she'll be creating next!
Deny Designs, Artist Relations Manager

Brian Garabrant
Brian is a United States based Illustrator an...
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In support of Brian Garabrant’s freelance endeavors, we just wanted to take a few moments to express our appreciation for his talent and his consummate professionalism. We commissioned Brian to work on a dark fantasy book project, namely a book cover and accompanying character sketches… safe to say, he far exceeded our expectations. From initial sketch to finished product, Brian kept us in the loop the entire way through and was willing and able to revise as needed. The commission we paid Brian was perhaps one of the best investments we’ve made in relations to our creative endeavors .
Matt Deller, Screen Writer, Author

Alistar Illustration
Hi! Leticia is the name behind Alistar. I'm...
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Alistar imagination and creativity is so immense and really brought our stories to life on the books we collaborated on. She lives in the stories and gives life to the characters. She is a dream to work with - efficient, flexible with changes and always full of ideas. I am fortunate to have worked with her and look forward to another opportunity.
Jessie Cho, design manager, Educational Insights

Katy Davis
Hello there. I'm Katy Davis, AKA Gobblynne - ...
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As I'm based in Australia, I've never even met Katy who has already produced one short animation for our company, with two more on the way. To have someone that professional, enthusiastic and motivated that we've been able to complete a project just via email is amazing. Her artistic direction has been a great attribute to the production and her drawing styles and initiative are fantastic. She's been a pleasure to work with and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to anyone else looking for an animator.
Tamar Crane, Senior Producer & Manager, Best Practice Productions

Ian Ball
Ian is an immortal small-town vagrant descend...
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Ensuring our website engaged with 16-24 year olds was essential to the success of our campaign. Thankfully we found Ian who had previous experience of designing creative web sites, animations and publicity work aimed at targeting youth markets. His unique artistic style, which has a wide-appeal, allowed us to highlight important road safety messages in an engaging and non authoritive way. We look forward to continue to work with Ian.
Tom Southerby, Bristol City Council

David Habben
David "HABBENINK" Habben is an artist and ill...
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David Habben is an awesome illustrator and a pleasure to work with. His talent and experience is an asset to my publication. Since the first time I have worked with David he has been professional and creative in all his work. David is always prompt and keeps within deadlines. David has a great working process from concept to final version. He takes our ideas and creates wonderful illustrations to compliment our articles. Often, his alternative ideas are a better option and we will use those instead.
Spencer Henderson, Utah Business Magazine