Membership Testimonials

Emily Hare
I have been making a living from art for 20 y...
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So far HAI has been great for me, a flurry of interest when I joined although quite a lot of those were people wanting free work! However, I am now a paid up member for a year as it has already paid for itself several times over with the jobs I have received.

Jeff Miracola
I have been illustrating professionally for o...
Portfolio | Website has been an invaluable tool for my business. Having a portfolio of my work at this site has helped me reach a wider audience and has already more than paid for itself with the new commissions I've received. Thank you HAI for an awesome site and all the expanded services. The mail packs and printing service are a great example of forward thinking and one of the reasons HAI stands out from others.

Gabriela Larios
Salvadorean illustrator and textile surface d...
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I think so far the service has been good! I am looking forward to be promoted and get more work through the Hire an Illustrator services.

Kathy Jurek
An accomplished watercolorist with a BA in St...
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I'm very pleased with my experience so far! I just signed a contract for a children's illustration commission after being on HIA for two months.

Mark Hammermeister
Mark Hammermeister is an award winning illust...
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HAI has been instrumental in sending new work my way. I recommend it highly.

Judi Thomas
Who the F*** is Judi Thomas? This uncompromi...
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I recently completed a karma sutra design for two lovely ladies in Florida who are about to launch their t-shirt company.

Brandon Dawley
Award winning illustrative designer bridging ...
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I find Hire An Illustrator to be the perfect fit for myself and my peers. It is designed for the illustrator by creative people with an intelligent approach to creative business. And the price fits right nicely.

Jens Magnusson
I'm an illustrator/art director based in Stoc...
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I just became a member but it seems great!

Amanda Voris
Designer and Illustrator with a passion for C...
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This is my first time using HAI, I'm excited to see the connections I make.

Shirow Di Rosso
I am a freelance illustrator and Art Director...
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A few clients have already found me through this site and it is really paying off. I'm very happy I signed up. Thanks to HAI I'm fulfilling a live long dream of illustrating a children's book. It's really worth the the annual fee.

Joe Ruiz
I am a committed artist who creates illustrat...
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Nothing yet, but it looks good so far.

Kyle Huston
With a background that spans traditional and ...
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At the time of this writing, I've been pursuing a freelance career in illustration for about 2 years which is about how long I have been a member of HAI. I'd say 99% of all my work or clients have come to me through this site. It's fair to say this site is just about singlehandedly responsible for launching my career. This is especially true for me since I live in the middle of nowhere on the coast near the California-Oregon border: thank god for the internet and thank you HAI.

Dave Franks
The Most Experienced Picture Strip Artist in ...
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Looks good to me.

Josh Filhol
Hi I'm Josh, a UK based freelancer. In my wor...
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Hire an Illustrator provides a great service to those seeking a career in illustration. I've had a few one off jobs but one client I met via HAI brings in frequent work which is great. The site is easy to navigate and use, and the featured illustrators and newsletters are great ways of promotion and seeing the amazing variety of work here.

Joanna Scott
Joanna has worked as an artist and illustrato...
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I've had a a number of enquiries and one really great job through HAI, which more than paid for the yearly subscription.

Nicholas Jackson
At my core is a love of creativity and beauty...
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HAI has been simply brilliant for me as an illustrator trying to break into the industry. I have been getting contacts I would never have dreamed of getting so very early on in my career. Cheers to HAI!

Alex Fine
Alex Fine is a freelance illustrator from Bal...
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Thanks for putting me in the Featured Illustrator section. I actually got a job offer shortly after it was posted. HAI really is the best site for illustrators to join and I'm always recommending your site to every young illustrator that contacts me.

Joe Slucher
I went to college in Cincinnati and have stay...
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I've found work on a book cover and on an album cover through Hai and usually get 3 inquiries per month through HAI. It definitely has a different audience than what my other websites see.

Rebecca Solow
Since 2006 I have been a freelance illustrato...
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HAI has allowed me to reach clients and markets that I would otherwise not have access to. Since joining I have expanded my client base and gotten projects ranging from print publications to projects in gaming, film, and even jewelry design. I enjoy being a part of the HAI community, and appreciate the hard work that goes into running the site - I look forward to many more years with HAI!

Emma Russell
Emma Russell is a freelance illustrator based...
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A client found me through my HAI portfolio for some illustrations for corporate videos. I am very pleased that they found me as the job was great fun and the client has hired me again for additional projects. All thanks to having a profile on HAI!

Mohan Ballard
Colour, colour and colour! This is what I fee...
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I wanted to say how pleased I am with the service hai provides, and that I have already had one commission and one potential commission come my way since joining, and they have both said they found my work on the hai website. So I'm thrilled! I'm loving the site and I appreciate all the team members hard work in promoting us as illustrators!

Vicky Scott
I'm a freelance Illustrator recently relocate...
Portfolio | Website

Great website, really easy to use and update. Great for updating new and showing new work quickly and promotion. Very good personal service.

Sharnee Taylor
Sharnee Taylor is a Melbourne based Fashion I...
Portfolio | Website

I've had this site highly recommended by fellow illustrators.

Felix Altreus
I'm Graphic designer and illustrator/ designe...
Portfolio | Website

I love the idea of "hire an illustrator" I dont think it's ever been easy to find job as an illustrator, and due to the large amount of people with great skills, it sure doesn't gets easier. With sites like Hai there is an opportunity to not only find work, but to get inspired by other people, and to develop. And by keep drawing and get connection with people there is a way to advance, and hopefully get even more work.

Ken Dutton
Ken is a creative, collaborative freelance il...
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Just starting the relationship... (but so far, so good)

Ian Ball
Ian is an immortal small-town vagrant descend...
Portfolio | Website

Hire an Illustrator is a great place to have a portfolio. It's good value for money and seems to be evolving quickly with lots of new features. It provides a place to release news and gain exposure and is the sole reason I landed one of my biggest jobs to date. As well as all that Darren and Jane are seemingly always available to ask questions and offer support. I'd be lost without it.

Tom Woolley
I’m a freelance illustrator based in West Y...
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Hire an Illustrator is vital for my illustration business. I've had lots of work and enquiries through HAI including a serial book publishing deal. HAI is easy to update and a fantastic marketing tool. I would highly recommend it for any freelance illustrators.

Tijmen Ploeger
Tijmen Ploeger is an illustrator currently ba...
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There are many pages where you can dump your link and get into the maze of work-searching co-illustrators. HAI is very different in this, behind this website they are constantly busy -in real life- to get you customers and it pays off. Probably the majority of illustrators on HAI are here since years, and that says something.

Paul Shipper
Inspired from a very young age by the one she...
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Hire an Illustrator is definitely a community worth being associated with. These guys really care about us illustrator types and it really shows in what they do. Thanks Guys for creating HAI!

Andrea Wong
Hello, my name is Andrea Wong and I am an Asi...
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I am very happy that Jane and Darren established this site to make it easier for illustrators to meet their clients. Thanks to hai I have worked for several clients from all around the world.

Daniel F. Birch
I was born in Dallas, Texas and when my paren...
Portfolio | Website

Can't wait to find out. I was told by Michele Rosenthal who is on here already to check it out. Here I am!

Rachelle Meyer
Rachelle Meyer was born in the state of Texas...
Portfolio | Website

It has been very worthwhile signing up with hai. I've connected with more clients through their service, some of them high-profile companies I wouldn't have met on my own.

Eugene Smith
I am an artist and illustrator based in Chica...
Portfolio | Website

Hire an Illustrator has been a great resource in terms of getting exposure to potential clients. I've had a lot of amazing interesting projects have come my way since becoming a member. For an amazingly reasonable fee, you get a great venue for you work put out by a committed team of individuals who care about illustration. I couldn't recommend it more!

Eoin Coveney
Will Eisner- trained and 2000AD artist, Eoin ...
Portfolio | Website

Just joined, no feedback yet. Will update when and if.

Timothy Banks
Timothy is a professional artist that draws a...
Portfolio | Website

HAI is an invaluable part of my illustration marketing. Having my portfolio listed with the other high quality work found on the site is a perfect calling card for clients. I love HAI!