First post on HAI, potential Commissions and personal work.
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Wow, so this is my first post on HAI. Its great to be signed up on here and I’m really looking forward to the opportunities that will hopefully come from being on here!.

So right now I have a few things going on. I have a potential Commission for the 40th anniversary of the Mr Men and Little Miss, which, if approved, is very exciting and could be huge. The preliminery drawing is complete, and it just has to be seen and hopefully approved. Its still 50/50, but im exctied none the less. While I have been waiting for that I have started a new contribution for an Illustration and design web magazine called ‘Creature Mag’,for which I will be also be contributing to fortnightly. The name of the section I will be contributing to is the aptly named ‘Freak of the Week’. My first post is up there now and I will post a link to it soon.

I also have a personal project on-going at the moment as well, a new city scene. This time of…..Tokyo!. I think this city is perfect for my interpretation with its bright neon billboards and high-rise buildings. I’m still in the early drawing stages but I’m very excited about it.

I’ll be posting again soon with more updates. Like I said, its great to be on here and I’m looking forward to the coming months!

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