Tina Zellmer in Uganda for Tearfund UK
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Each year Anna Goodson Management promotes that its artists will work for Free for non profit clients. It was through this promotion that an offer came in from an charity organisation to join their inhouse creative team on a two week trip to Uganda.
I knew immidiately I wanted to do this project and jumped on it

The charity organisation ‘Tearfund UK’ asked me to join them to work together on a very important and exciting project. When I was ask to help, I was happy I had time and offered my services. I was very fortunate last year and I was happy to be able to give something back.

These are some of the images I created for tearfund.
I made a series of illustrations about a tiny village in the middle of Uganda called Ogongora.
Here you can see some of them: a bit of the village, Richard, Elisabeth, Grace, the pastor Joseph and his family. It felt really great to do something for people in need and it was very rewarding, too.

For me, this was an amazing opportunity. I experienced truly rural African life in poor communities, I made some new friends and was allowed to experience magnificent moments of joy, laughter, thankfulness and love. It made a big impression in my life .
And the best: at the same time i did what I love most:
making illustrations.

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