Artist Spotlight: Dani Jones
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How many years have you been a freelance illustrator?

I have been actively pursuing a freelance career since 2005.

How reliable are you?

I’ve never missed a deadline on an assignment, even in school. I like to think of myself as very reliable.

In a commercial sense what can your work be applied too?

My style is mostly appealing to children’s markets and my main targets are picture books, magazines, readers, and education. However, I am open to all types of work if someone sees my art fitting their particular need.

Who are your top clients?

Price Stern Sloan (of the Penguin Group), Harcourt, Houghton-Mifflin, McGraw-Hill, Oxford University Press.

Apart from illustration what other skills do you have?

I’m pretty tech-saavy – most of my artwork is created digitally, and I edit a lot of artwork with the computer. I am familiar with most major graphics software and technologies. I also enjoy creating/browsing websites and blogs, and promote a lot of my work on the web.

I am also interested in writing. I recently completed my first picture book dummy, and have a lot of other exciting ideas in the works.

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

Fried green tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, and mayo (yes, all at once)

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Dani is a children's illustrator who has been published in picture books, magazines, educational readers, and more. Clients include Price Stern Sloan, McGraw-Hill, and Harcourt. Sh… Show more.

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