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How many years have you been a freelance illustrator?

I’ve been working for about 4 years as a freelancer, I took the plunge about 2 years ago to go full-time, before that I balanced my illustration jobs with a non-related part-time job.

How reliable are you?

I’ve never missed a deadline, working through the night when needed. While I try to plan my schedule to avoid ‘all-nighters’ as much as possible, sometimes thats when it really clicks and you can get your best work done. It’s very quiet at 4:30AM.

In a commercial sense what can your work be applied too?

I just love making images so I juggle a few different styles and work in lots of different fields. It’s normal for me to be commissioned for traditional illustration avenues like magazine editorials, advertising campaigns, storyboards for TV opening titles to more contemporary opportunities like customisng trendy restaurant walls, trainers and clothes. I’m part of a group in Dublin called Tiny Little Horse that designs and produces screen-printed gigposters for international bands. I also do a lot of custom typography for advertising and business logos.

Who are your top clients?

I have a good relationship with a number of design and advertising companies that provide me with regular and interesting work. Dan Willett (formerly of Play Lounge, Soho) has hooked me up with some great commissions in the last few years, The Vader Project and the 2000AD anniversary show for example. Self-generated projects are starting to fill up much more of my time now.

Apart from illustration what other skills do you have?

I’ve started co-producing gallery shows and other projects recently that involve co-ordinating and spreadsheets and lots of correspondence which I find myself surprisingly enjoying quite alot. I think being an illustrator can be an isolating existence if you are not careful. So maybe the interaction of being involved with group activites is filling a void.

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

Hmmm, enjoying chicken, pesto and rocket on a ciabatta these days from the local Italian deli. Yummy!

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BRENB draws pictures and typography. Some of these have been exhibited in London eg. The Vader Project - 30 European artists were asked to customise a replica Darth Vader helmet fo… Show more.

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