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I always enjoy the commissions I receive from the Radio Times as they’ve always been a great mix and the editors are very open to suggestions and ideas as to how to approach the illustration. This one was no different, here’s the supplied brief:

Saturday Play – Landfall
In this original science-fiction adventure by Mike Walker, five lost souls are recruited to travel to an abandoned planet where all they know is that they are to retrieve the only known sample of an ore left over from an old mining operation. But their task becomes considerably more complicated when one of their party has a close encounter with the indigenous plant life – plant life which seems to have some very odd, very powerful properties. Soon they are battling not only to stay alive but to hang on to the very things that make them human.

The main things to highlight for this illustration I felt was the mining operation, the sinister/odd plant life, five characters and the fact its on another planet. I instantly thought of some great sci-fi imagery like the desolate research operations in John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’, the mining operation in ‘Outland’ and a few other elements from ‘Aliens’ etc. I could see it being very 80s sci-fi-esque.

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I employed Graeme as the sole illustrator and designer on The Dangerous Book of Heroes. The quality of his work was excellent and he was great at understanding what we at HarperCollins needed, and at doing it quickly too. It was a complicated project, and the drawings needed to be historically accurate as well as engaging for the reader and Graeme was particularly good at paying attention to the details which were important to us and the author. The project was on a tight timescale and he rose to the challenge, producing everything in time and to budget, with great creativity, speed and care.
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