Artist Spotlight: Joel Benjamin
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How many years have you been a freelance illustrator?
About 4 years to date.

How reliable are you?
Well, I haven’t missed a deadline yet and I used to work a lot of 24 hour turnover jobs. I would confidently say I’m very reliable.

What can your work be applied to commercially?
So far it has been applied to magazine articles, story books, website design, murals, CD covers, band artwork and record label logo design. Soon I’ll have some work as skateboard graphics too. I wouldnt like to put a limit on what my work could be used for, as long as the style is fitting of course.

Who are your top clients?
Coca Cola, Oxford University Press, Natmags and The Epoch Times.

Apart from illustration what other skills do you have?
Kickflips, pop shuv-its and nollie full-cabs. I spent my teenage years on a skateboard.

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?
Coronation Chicken, yes sir.

Joel Benjamin
Norwich, United Kingdom

Freelance Illustrator based in Norwich City, UK. Specialising in Editorial, Portrait and Gig Poster work. Works often in the music industry arena.

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Clients,, The New York Times, Electronic Sound Magazine, Business Insider, The Rialto, Norwich City Football Club.