2012 London Olympics!
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Hi everyone. To kick off the new year, I have a new image to show which is celebrating the London Olympics this year. As a Londoner, I’m very proud of the fact we are hosting this spectacular event, which is going to bring the worlds’ eyes on our wonderful city, and country. In this image we can see London going about its daily, hectic lifestyle. With a few differences though, Olympic events have taken over!. We can see everything from a running track with sprinters going round it, to hurdles, to long jump,to even seeing our very own Tom Daley about to perform a dive! I wont tell you where he is though, I’ll let you find him! I had so much fun creating this image, which is my usual style of lots of colour, busy imagery and spectacular scenery. The image was created with Acrylic paints.

I Hope you all like this image and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed producing it!

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