One Year of Weekly Illustrations.
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The end of May marked one year of doing weekly illustrations for NeXT magazine, a social magazine for the greater New York area. Each week, I would do 3 illustrations for the NeXT WEEK section. One large illustration for the section opening, and two spot illustrations. The main illustration would often be a mash up of 2-3 events happening that week, that weren’t necessarily connected or related to each other. This often lead to fun images, like Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum judging the reality stars of The A List walking the runway in outrageous outfits, for the week both shows had their season premiers.

Sometimes I would do a full page illustration for feature interviews with famous people, such as George Takei and Adam Lambert.

At the end of one year, I’ve done 156 illustrations for NeXT Magazine. That’s a lot of illustrations.

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