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Last year I did some fruit illustrations for Anova for a book called For The Love of An Orchard, which would be published by Pavillion, one of their imprints. The book is by Jane McMorland Hunter and Chris Kelly, and is full of all the information you need to start up your own orchard, starting with the history of the various different fruits (from common ones like apples and pears to lesser known medlars and quinces), through their cultivation and harvest and ending with some recipes (including some quince-based Tudor aphrodisiacs!). It’s a nice sturdy hardback with good, thick pages, littered with my illustrations, and as well as being a beautiful book, it’s also incredibly informative (Bill Bryson is quoted on the cover as saying “Endlessly absorbing and informative. I enjoyed it immensly- and learned a lot too. It’s out now.

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