Alif the Unseen Create-A-Genie Contest
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This is the winning illustration I submitted to the “Alif the Unseen’s Create-A-Genie Contest.” The rules were to pick a favorite out of five specific types of jinn, and interpret how it looks in your own fashion.

The word Jinn means “hidden,” and refers to a sort of unseen creature in Islamic theology. They are mentioned in the Qur’an as being one of Gods three intelligent creations; Angels made from pure light, Humans made from mud or clay, and Jinni made from a smokeless fire. It was a blast researching the different types of jinn. My choices were between: The large and powerful Madrid (think Aladdin), some cunning schemers called the Effrit, the undead grave robbing Ghouls, the shapeshifting female Sila, and a sort of psychic-vampire genie called the Vetala. My submission is a bit of an amalgamation between the fiery Effrit, and the “ostensibly demonic” Vetala.

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