Mail Me Art 3 – Bookish Mice
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When I was invited to take part in Mail Me Art 3 I already had a good idea of what I wanted to print. These wee scamps were inspired by a little mouse I’d seen surrying along the bottom edge of a bookshelf when I was in the cafe of a large bookshop with my mum. Other customers noticed too but, to our delight and relief, not one of them screamed or called out to the staff; we all just sat very still and surreptitiously admired the little critter until s/he disappeared back into the shelves. I like to think there’s a whole community of them in there, behind the books, helping themselves to cake crumbs and reading the classics.

I’m no stranger to doodling on an envelope before sending it, but I’ve never given it as much thought or care as this, so it was a worrisome time waiting for confirmation of its arrival. At least, I kept reminding myself, I can print another one – most of the artists taking part will have only one original. So it was quite a relief to hear that these guys had made it to MMA HQ unscathed.

There will be a London exhibition as well as a book of all 200 MMA3 pieces, when and where to be announced soon. I can’t wait to see them all.

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