Selling your home when pets are present
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Last week, I was contacted by my old friends at The Record, the daily newspaper serving Bergen County, N.J., to illustrate a feature for the front of their weekly real estate section.

The story looked at the challenges pet owners face when trying to sell their homes. In the current market, animal dander, minor pet damage or even signs a pet lives in the house can turn off prospective buyers. Similarly, realtors aren’t always prepared to show houses with animals inside. That can lead to a situation where agents are shocked to find the owner’s large dogs wandering the house or cats are accidentally let out of the house.

The layout called for a more horizontal image because half of the page was going to occupied by an advertisement. See above for some of the sketches.

The first was based on the author and editor’s suggestion. The idea was to incorporate as much imagery from the rough draft as possible: realtor letting the cat out, dog on furniture, turtles in bathroom, notes around the house warning about the animals…

The second sketch is the one that was picked. I thought having the cat and dog on the couch would suggest animals that had the run of the house, which seemed to be the basis for the problems sellers and realtors were encountering.

The final one shows another idea; the dog is the feature of the house for sale that really jumps out at you.

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