Hooked in Record Time!
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Hooked Vector Col

Just once in a while a project goes so smoothly, I have to ask myself ‘Why can’t they all be like that?’
I can’t remember a project, however small, taking such a short time from start to finish.

This is how it went:
29 May – Having seen my work on HAI, Packed House Publications contacted me to ask if I did work for hire.
2 June – I’m given the brief so I can give an indication of cost.
5 June – Agreement signed and 50% deposit paid.
6 June – First sketches emailed.
7 June – Amended sketch and subsequent Inked linework emailed for approval.
8 June Colour Vector art sent for approval and amended colour art sent for approval.
9 June delivery of final vector art and final payment made.

A sweet little job made all the more enjoyable by the professionalism of Packed House Publications combined with their excellent communication.

This is what Packed House had to say:
“It has been a pleasure working with Peter George. He was the ultimate professional, and not only did his illustration far exceed our expectations, but he completed the project ahead of our timeline. We look forward to working with him again.”

What made this occasion more impressive was the fact that it was for a new client who was four thousand six hundred miles away with six hours time difference between us and I was on a three day camping trip in Norfolk when the initial enquiry landed.
What would we do without smartphones?

Thanks again HAI!

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