Mystic London Graphic Novel
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Since starting to work with fantasy author Andrew Peters, we’ve been working towards a big collaboration together. The plan is to produce an ambitious graphic novel aimed at young adults. It’s based on a concept that Andrew developed a few years ago that’s been bubbling away in his imagination ever since.I feel it’s got huge potential and could reach a large audience if done right.

It’s all about the power of creation and imagination, and is set in a decrepit future version of London. There’s a lot of magic and monsters in the story, so as an artist it’s an incredibly rich world to be able to sink my teeth into. We’ve been toying with imagery in order to put together a strong pitch for potential publishers. We’re both really excited about the project and hopefully we can get other people excited too.

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"I CAN NOT WAIT for you to see the cover illustration (Alex did) for the next Jackson Speed novel. It is glorious. When my youngest son saw the first draft of the cover, he said, “You’re going to have to write a better book to go with that cover.”
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