I own the night….
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Afternoon everyone, Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. I have some good news, I have finished my latest image!. I’ve been working really hard this past week with the aim of having it done by this weekend. So as you might have seen from the work in progress photo’s, I have been painting my own take on my favourite superhero’s city, Batman’s Gotham City. I have had so much fun painting this. I’ve wanted to do a superhero piece for a while, but was’nt quite sure how to go around it. So without including The Dark Knight himself, I’ve painted the city he protects. Titled ‘I own the night’, I’ve tried to convey the gothic, but modern look of the city.

For any Batman fans out there, you can spot a few nods to some villians and also famous landmarks around the city.

The painting is available to buy, as well as limited edition prints, from the Gallery that represent me. The link is down below.

I hope you all really like it, and as always, comments are always welcome :-).

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