Bulbous Conundrum: Paintings & Prints by Michael Slack
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August 9th – September 1st 2013 at Rotofugi Gallery

In his most recent body of personal artwork award winning children’s book illustrator, Michael Slack explores the concept of character abstraction. The paintings and one of a kind prints are inspired by contemporary character design, minimalist abstraction, pop art, and design trends of the mid twentieth century.

Slack uses simple symbols, bold colors, and whimsical shapes to create images that spring from the permeable space between figuration and abstraction. “The repeated shapes function as figurative reference points that can be interpreted in many different ways. How they are used and where they are in relation to one another gives each piece it’s unique character.”

You can view the show on Rotofugi’s website at the link below.

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Michael Slack is an artist, illustrator, and character designer, His character driven humorus art has been recognized by Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, Applied Arts, Pictopla… Show more.

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