Cover Artwork for Krause: Obsession
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I recently did this cover for a single, the image is based on the recording Artist Krause. The single is out tomorrow.


On September 19 electropop diva Krause releases a cover of ‘Obsession’, of which the original was a big hit in 1984 by the American synthpop group ‘Animotion’. The track will be released as a free download which you can access through a ‘social unlock’ on Krause’s Soundcloud and Facebook page.

Krause has given the track quite a different flavour together with producer Mike Luck, one half of producerduo Majestique that has made quite an impression with their single ‘Must Get There’ this summer. The tempo of the track is significantly slower than the original and the raw sounds and yearning vocals make it a dark and sultry track. The artwork of the single has been made by John Royle, a notable illustrator who draws for Marvel Comics and IDW amongst others.

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