Artist Spotlight: Peter Bowen
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How many years have you been a freelance illustrator?
I’ve been freelancing for almost four years, but have been working as an illustrator/designer for over ten.

What can your work be applied to commercially?
My work tends to lend itself to apparel (particularly T-shirts), but has also been used on CD covers, editorial, festival events, snowboards, brand logos, magazines, window displays, wedding invitations, etc. Anything that needs striking or bold imagery.

Where would you most like to see your illustrations being used?
I’d love to do more posters or book covers, but one of the perks of being freelance is you never know what’s around the corner.

What inspires you?
Lowbrow art, pop and underground culture, vintage design and typography, creatures, ugly people, humour, pinups, and the work of Rockin’ Jelly Bean, Chris Ware, Marlo Meekins, Kiraz, Katie Rice, James Jean, Erich Sokol, to name just a few things.

Apart from illustration, what other skills do you have?
You should see me dance.

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?
I was trying to come up with something more interesting than bacon, but nothing can top it, I’m afraid.

Peter Bowen
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