The Cynja Volume 1
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Together with Heather C. Dahl and Chase Cunningham I have created a children’s book called “The Cynja’
It is an illustrated story introducing kids to the awesome world of cybersecurity and technology.

Hidden deep inside our planet’s virtual world, hiding in the darkened cyber alleys of our digital neighborhoods, a new generation of bad guys has risen. Zombies, worms, botnets – all threaten our happiness and future. But there is hope. A lone warrior battles this new sinister cyber evil. He is the Cynsei.
The Cynsei is trying to keep us safe.
But the guardian of all things noble in cyberspace cannot fight alone. His enemies are too numerous. If the Internet is to escape falling into darkness, the Cynsei needs help. But who would be brave enough to travel into the depths of malicious networks?
A Cynja, that’s who.

It is now available on Amazon Kindle, Apple Ibook and Google Play. The Hardcover version will be available in March.
For more info visit the link below.

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I am a freelance illustrator and Art Director for The Cynja and CynjaTech. I'm currently working on the app "CynjaSpace" that helps kids and parents navigate through cyberspace wit… Show more.

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Simply stated Shirow is awesome. He's brought our manuscript to life in ways we couldn't even imagine. Shirow's professionalism is top notch, every concept he has delivered has surpassed our expectations. We're so fortunate that we get to work with such an amazing artist
— Heather C. Dahl, The Cynja LLC