The Arcane Avengers
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Brandon is taking some time to work on some personal ideas. He has re-visioned Marvel’s Avengers as a mystical band of otherworldly miscreants. Basically, Dr. Strange is the glue in this team. He manages a possessed Cap and can summon a wraith-like Photon from his staff. Along with a faerie version of Wasp (Janet VanDyne and Jennifer Walters combined) and the ex-Benedictine Hulk, this team will enigmatically win the day. I’m just not sure when.

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I can't say enough good things. He is easy to communicate with, has amazing ideas and talent, and really captures the themes one may be looking for. Everyone should get a chance to see themselves as a super hero or comic book character. I am sure that I am treating myself to one of these too in the near future. I encourage anyone that's thinking about it to go for it! Cheers, Brandon.
— Anthony Rivera,