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A few weeks ago, I saw Bobby Chiu posted a link to an application page for his studio’s workshop. I had heard of it before, but never actually looked into it. He urged people to apply as there were only a few days left and only 4 spaces available. I decided to send in an application, just in case. I didn’t think I’d get it but I thought I’d make it a yearly thing to apply and maybe I’d get it in 5 or 6 years.

The next day, I received an email telling me I’d been hand picked from hundreds of applicants down to 12 chosen for a Skype interview! I was in class at the time and nearly screamed. I spent the intervening 3 days researching, emailing old attendants of the workshop so I could figure out what to expect for this interview. I had never been more nervous for anything in my entire life. I felt honoured that I had been narrowed down to one of the 12! When the day of my interview came, my heart was racing non-stop all day, I was pacing. my land lady let me use her office so I would have a secure internet connection. Thierry Lafontaine, the senior artist of Imaginism Studios, did my interview with me. He ended up just asking me what my hobbies were and if I had any pets. He explained that the interviews were to check if there were any crazies and to see if he got on with the applicants, as he’d have to live with the 4 chosen for 30 days.

I couldn’t sleep the following 2 nights. But when I woke up on Monday morning, there was an email waiting for me from Imaginism telling me that I’d got a place in the November-December workshop in Quebec, Canada!! I called everyone I knew. I never never expected to get a place on my first try of applying, but I’m so glad that I saw that post from Bobby Chiu, otherwise I probably would never have thought to apply!

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