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How many years have you been a freelance illustrator?
I’ve been doing freelance work for about five years now. I got started after winning some money in an animation competition which I used to buy a decent computer and some, ahem, legit software. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to have a steady stream of clients to keep me going.

What can your work be applied to commercially?
I wish I could say concept art but, sadly, I’m not that skilled a draughtsman. Most of my work has been for animations and flyers/posters and is heavily character-based. I’ve had work published in magazines, books and on websites and have done some limited edition t-shirts. My work is quite light hearted and suits a younger audience which is where most of my commissions are aimed.

Where would you most like to see your illustrations being used?
I would love to be paid handsomely for creating my own series of trading cards.

What inspires you?
My kids. They are an awesome source of inspiration in so many ways. I only really started to take my drawing seriously after they were born. It’s funny what the sudden realisation of responsibility can do. Having kids is also a great excuse to watch cartoons!

Apart from illustration, what other skills do you have?
I can make 2D or 3D animation, build websites and design graphics. I once taught myself to make chain mail and am planning on learning how to knit next. I’ve already made a start but missed a stitch and ended up with a wooly mess.

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?
Tough question. A toasted cheese and tomato sandwich is pretty mean…

Ian Ball
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Ian Ball is a British artist, illustrator and animator. He has, ahem, won awards for his web work, picked-up prizes in prestigious competitions and had his pictures published in… Show more.

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Ensuring our website engaged with 16-24 year olds was essential to the success of our campaign. Thankfully we found Ian who had previous experience of designing creative web sites, animations and publicity work aimed at targeting youth markets. His unique artistic style, which has a wide-appeal, allowed us to highlight important road safety messages in an engaging and non authoritive way. We look forward to continue to work with Ian.
— Tom Southerby, Bristol City Council