Spotlight Artist: Laura Barrett
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How many years have you been a freelance illustrator?
I graduated from Camberwell College of Arts back in 2007 and was lucky enough to get my first freelance commission a week after my degree show. I’ve been freelancing consistently since then, so it’s been just over 6 years now.

What can your work be applied to commercially?
My silhouette illustrations are particularly well suited to books and book covers, although so far my work has had a pretty versatile and wide range of uses. These include editorial, posters, wine labels, watch designs and luxury packaging and my illustrations are often laser cut into paper, wood and metal, and have been used as 3D pop-ups. I’ve also worked on a number of animations and even had my work projected onto buildings! There seems to be a fairly even split between work aimed at children and work for adults but my illustrations are generally narrative based.

Where would you most like to see your illustrations being used?
I’d love to see my work used on some products, such as plates and mugs and I’d also really like to create more packaging this year.

What inspires you?
Folk and fairy tales are a major influence on my work, and I love to read old variations and new takes on classic tales, particularly those with a darker side to them. It may be a cliche but I’d also say that nature is a big inspiration day to day.

Apart from illustration, what other skills do you have?
Alongside illustrating full time I work a few hours a week as a children’s bookseller, which I love. I’m rather good at the ‘name that obscure book with the blue cover that was in the paper the other week’ game!

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?
I’m one of those odd people that doesn’t actually like sandwiches, but I’m partial to a nice toasted cheese and marmite panini.

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