Burano, Northern Italy.
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I have finished my latest painting! As you may know, this one is of a small Island called Burano, located in Northern Italy, just off of Venice. I was so happy to come across this wonderful little island, where all the houses are different bright colours. I haven’t exaggerated the colours either, every house and building is a different colour! If you get a second, ‘Google’ Burano and you can see. It truly looks like a happy and uplifting place to live.

With every piece I paint, I’m always trying to take it to the next level, never standing still. I want to improve with each piece, so that’s why I decided to give the reflections of the buildings in the river a go. Its quite a difficult skill to master, but for a first attempt I think its come out well. So hopefully next time, it’ll be even better!

As usual, the piece will be for sale, along with limited edition prints, at the link at the bottom of the page. And don’t forget, you can get the image on various items as well like clocks, plates, bags and phone cases.

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