Twisted Threads – Book Cover Artwork & Video Process
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This image is the cover artwork for ‘Twisted Threads’, a fantasy novel by Ryan Kinsch. The book features both darkness and light, wolves, dreams, spirits, trees and various other spiritual and medieval fantasy elements. For the design of the cover I needed to capture a balance; fantasy that would suit both young and adult readers. I wished to paint the magic of fantasy whilst avoiding cliché and instead present something contemporary. The book is due to be published soon.

This the first project that I have filmed from start to finish. Jump over to my Website or YouTube channel to watch the creation process of this artwork!

Mike Nash
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Hi there, my name is Mike, a digital Illustrator from the UK; I create artworks within the fantasy and sci-fi genre. My visual style captures a believable fantasy, full of detail, … Show more.

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Mike is professional, constructive and illuminating. He incorporates feedback, moreover, making artful choices which elevates the image further, to a level I unimagined. This collaborative spirit makes working with him wholly satisfying.
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