Have a Happy, Historically-Accurate Christmas!
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If you’ve ever seen my personal work, you’ll know I’m a big history nerd — with a specialty for Roman history. So, Saint Nicholas is a perfect fit for me. After a cursory search, here are the few things scholars are willing say about the real Santa:

— If the bones interred in Venice are really his, he was a short (5’7”) barrel chested, swarthy greek with a receding hairline and a broken nose!
— He seemed to have a knack toy making and freely handed out toys and money to children.
— He lived from 270AD – 343AD (contemporaneous with Emperor Constantine the Great.)
— Lived in Lycia: the Greek Coast of modern Turkey near the Isle of Rhodes. (sounds gorgeous doesn’t it?)

He has so many miracles attributed to him that he is known as St. Nicholas the Wonder-Maker! I included the three sisters from his most famous and verifiable legend: That he anonymously paid for the dowry of the three daughters of a poor man who could not afford it.

Well, lets not get bogged down in details,

Merry Christmas!

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