A Book For A Son
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After being asked to illustrate a one-off book for a marriage proposal this year through HAI, she said yes by the way, I was commissioned to illustrate the most poignant piece of work I have ever been asked to do.

A mother losing her husband to terminal illness wanted illustrations for a picture book she had written for her young son, so he could understand what was happening to his dad.
It is a wonderful story of a man who is clever and kind and good at fixing things that light up, as well as being a wonderful father.

This man loved looking at the sky at night, the moon, the stars and galaxy in all its glory, so though he is sad to leave his wife and son he gets a job fixing all the stars and the moon so they shine brightly for us all at night.

I feel very privileged to have been asked to work on a book that will be so important to one little boy.
The book, in the future, may also be published so more children and families can benefit from this beautifully written story.

So treasure your family and have a wonderful Christmas.
Thanks for reading,
Joanna x

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