Crusade of the Dead
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What you see here are a few samples from a comic I was commissioned to illustrate. The premise is deceptively simple: an outbreak of zombies set in the time of the Crusades. The is the time of King Richard the Lionheart and the chivalrous Sultan Salah-Adin (Saladin). The authors of the story were inspired by the cinematic works of George A. Romero (nominally the creator of the modern zombie genre as we know it). To that end, the story ultimately focuses on the conflict between crusaders and muslims with the zombies as a catalyst .

In my opinion, a pitfall for zombie stories is their own success: everyone (often including the characters of the story) knows what a zombie is and the “rules” of zombie infection. This has spawned a lot of humorous genre bending parodies such as “Shaun of the Dead”. For me as the artist and a contributor to the script, it was refreshing to work on a zombie story where the characters are completely ignorant of this modern pulp. Furthermore, the characters are set in time of pitch religious fervor. It came naturally that the characters would view the rising dead in stark religious and even apocalyptic terms. This is perfectly encapsulated on the page that I’ve shared as a preview of the work.

The comic is, at the time of this posting, unpublished but we are hoping to change that soon with either a Kickstarter campaign or by good-old-fashion solicitation to comic publishers.

I hope you find the works here intriguing enough to share with friends and build up interest.

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