Anchor cheese ‘Hugglers’
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As part of Anchor’s new campaign, I was asked to work on a print ad featuring their new ‘Huggler’ characters to accompany the new tv spot (coming to a Coronation Street ad break near you).
The good people at Form Language provided a strong base, and I was asked to come in and give everything a final layer of polish and detail, and repaint the characters. It was a fun project and there’s an expanded version on the way for billboards etc., so keep an eye out!

Produced by Passion Pictures and Directed by Kyra & Constantin.

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"Dan Lambert was pivotal in our poster campaign for TfL (Transport for London) warning Londoners about the potential travel problems during the Olympics. He is a truly inspirational designer and artist. His work was exceptionally timely, considered and of a consistently high quality. I can't wait to work with him again. I would recommend Dan every time, he is a unique artist."
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