Fairy Tale Sprookjes Pattern
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I dived back into pattern design again this year with a piece that plays with one of my favorite subjects, fairy tales. My studio mate, Anoeska Huige of Studio Stroom, needed a repeating background for a house style she was developing for a local children’s theatre group. I threw in just about everything but the kitchen sink that calls to mind the fairy tales we know and love, including a big bad wolf and a delicious looking apple. If you’d like a bite of this action yourself, you can buy some products with my sprookjes design on it on my new(ish) Red Bubble shop.

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Rachelle Meyer was born in the state of Texas and spent most of her childhood with her nose in a book. Reading became the wellspring for her continuing passions in life: drawing, s… Show more.

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I approached Rachelle last year with a handful of illustration and design tasks. The brief had a two-fold nature… the technical specifications were laid out quite firmly, and these were met with absolute precision. Design-wise, a few thoughts were passed on as guidance. This is where Rachelle really shines. She has taken this latter part, met expectations, and taken it further to become an enormously artistic and well-rounded deliverable. Her artistic interpretation added astounding value to the product. A rare cross between amazing illustration capability and technical delivery. Wow.
— Pieter Grobler, Founder, Kubisha Ltd.