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Currently I’m producing character designs and concepts for a game project, which is based on computer viruses and features a number of infamous viruses as bosses. These images were a chance for me to personify these viruses based on their names and/or behaviour and I’m really enjoying it so far, so I thought I’d share a couple of them.

The bear-like one is ILoveYou. Based on the real life virus’s behaviour, it has a sweet and innocent appearance at first which entices you to open its “love letter”. However, this is a decoy for the virus’s true malicious form to appear and unleash havoc once the letter is opened. The letter that the decoy holds represents the real life email attachment that unleashes the true ILoveYou once opened.

The glitzy chap is GameOver, who I had in mind as a stereotypically cheesy, flashy and superficially happy-go-lucky game show host who traps antivirus programs in his sinister game show where they have to win to escape. [Please insert your own hammond organ music here.] Since GameOver is made of plastic, this image gave me the chance to practise illustrating that shiny plastic sheen, and I think it worked quite well.

For some reason I’m fascinated by sinister game shows and anything that involves a game show host as a villain. Either it came from the nightmare about one I had as a kid, the “Bad Wolf” episode of Doctor Who, the three “Karlsville” episodes of Goosebumps, my love of hammond organ music, or a combination thereof. Either way, I find them creepy and awesome.

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