Bootleg toy, exclusive piece of art for exhibition
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I made an exclusive piece of art for the Be-street weekend, which was a street/art/fashion festival in Paris from 3-4 October. The exhibition theme was “Bootleg Bart”. 70 artists were invited to interpret their own version of Bart Simpson. I made a very exclusive toy, which came with a painting of same graphic. I did a version of NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” and did “Straight Outta Springfield” instead.

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I'm sure my clients have been pleased with the work i've delivered. Have been delivered pretty exclusive pieces of work this year and got some really good feedback. I made a single piece for an exhibition, and the feedback was so good that the company that held the show decided to create a limited edition which means that lots of people have requested the piece I did. I think people like my work because it's funny and playful and at the same time straightforward and at the point many times. Have got lots of followers and many design request lately. Very Happy that people say so great things.
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