Ghost – Classic Horror Figures
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Ghost is the result of the invite made by Bruno Caetano to be a part of a collective exhibition about classic horror characters, during the Motelx horror film festival, in Lisbon, Portugal.

Each illustrator could pick which character to illustrate, so I went with ‘Ghosts or Spirits’, specially because it was one of the available options that I hadn’t illustrated at the time. It was a good opportunity to try something new and fresh, and above all, different from what I’ve done so far.

The process started with intense research about the subject, both images, photos and approaches by other illustrators. Then I did some trials and experiments, and started by painting the paper with a mix of layers of black ink and gouache, providing the foundation for building the character with white gouache, painting the forms and shapes. I did this with no sketch, reacting to what was happening. After scanning the painting, I worked digitally to add more textures than I did with the gouache, correcting some anatomy and painting the green tone so it gives the ghost a more eerie and not of this world look.

The exhibition will be displayed once more at the 2nd edition of Comic Con Portugal, which takes place between the 4th and 6th of December.

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