Book Release: SPZero76: The Haters Strike Back. Art 2013-2014
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November 2015 saw the release of my second self titled book ‘SPZero76:The Haters Strike Back. 2013-2014. It was designed and created by the amazing Infzone and printed by aspectprint and features black and white concept art, full colour digital illustrations, canvases and painted walls to give you the full spectrum of my art and the process that goes into creating each piece.

I gave Marcel, who runs Infzone, all of my art from 2013 to 2014 and let him choose which pieces made the cut. It was nice to let someone else run wild with my designs and pictures of the walls I have painted and let them choose what went into the book. I tend to promote the pieces I like everywhere and some pieces are saved to files and sketchbooks for eternity never to be seen again… except Marcel has released them and they are finally here for you to view.

Buy the book and check them out. It’s a 44 page full colour book with a wrap around cover and the first 50 will be signed and numbered with any inscription you want. A limited number of 150 is available on my website at the link below.

£11.95 and £3 postage (Anywhere in The World).

It’s officially out and proud!

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