Descendants of Twilight
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Participating in collaborative projects has been a goal of mine, which I am now realizing with an inter-disciplinary group of artists. The project is called Triptych and it brings together visual art, music, and writing. “Descendants of Twilight” is our first project in the series, initially inspired by a work-in-progress by our composer, Natalie Moller. The completed work features three related parts that include Natalie’s music, a short story by our writer, Holly Hoenshell-Nelson, and my illustration. The Triptych trio will be posting finished projects every three weeks, which you can follow on our blog.

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Candice Broersma
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Candice Broersma is a freelance illustrator specializing in fantastical subject matter. She earned Bachelors in Art and Music at the University of Redlands where she was highly inv… Show more.

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