Save the world!
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Superheroes are still, for me, the most fun concept to illustrate. There is something about putting a mask and/or a cape on a character and just watching how they evolve through the illustration. They project strength and bravery, like modern day knights. They let your imagination soar with them as they fly off to be the ultimate good guy, every boy or girl longs for themselves to be. Through them, we can experience worlds never seen, have triumphs only imagined and save the day. Who doesn’t want to save the day?

For this illustration, I decided to use a character that I created, for my business ‪universe K, almost 15 years ago. He’s nothing too fancy, but I enjoy his design, I think he’s fun and he let’s me be that little boy who wants to save the day.

Print available at my store. The link is below.

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