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Starting this March I have a new fund raising page over on Patreon.

Why am I raising funds? As a self-employed artist every dime, dollar, pence and pound I make is stretched to the limit to cover bills, food, rent and all the other day to day living costs. Often there isn’t a lot left in the pot to buy the essential art supplies I need to function as an artist. Paper, pencils, paints, brushes, canvases, basic supplies can cost so much let alone that easel I really need or the better lighting my room could do with. Art materials are expensive.

Patreon is a funding platform which allows artists, writers, musicians, YouTube vloggers and all kinds of different creative people to receive funding from their supporters in return for content.

Over time there will be a range of incentives offered to my Patrons for their support, but to start with the main reward will be your chance to own an original piece of my art every month. For just one dollar you could receive a genuine, one of a kind, original work of art delivered to your door.

You read correctly, I’m asking my Patrons for only $1.

Every month one of my Patrons will get to choose between two different pieces of original art, their name having been selected from a raffle draw of all my supporters. They get an original piece of art for only $1.

For the month of March the raffle prize will be the choice between two different original watercolour paintings. The winner will get to pick between the original of Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor or Harrison Ford in his role as Han Solo from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Both these watercolours are A6 (14.8cm x 10.5cm) in size and you could be hanging one of them on your wall for only $1.

For more details go visit my Patreon site.

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I employed Graeme as the sole illustrator and designer on The Dangerous Book of Heroes. The quality of his work was excellent and he was great at understanding what we at HarperCollins needed, and at doing it quickly too. It was a complicated project, and the drawings needed to be historically accurate as well as engaging for the reader and Graeme was particularly good at paying attention to the details which were important to us and the author. The project was on a tight timescale and he rose to the challenge, producing everything in time and to budget, with great creativity, speed and care.
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