The Room
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This was a personal piece of mine and I had a friend on the forums that gave me her own great interpretation of it.

“To me this represents not the masks we wear, but rather how we see man and woman in society. I see this as a piece of symbolic satire of the story of genesis. They both wear masks/have a given identity, the same yet different, they are companions. Adam and Eve. “Eve” has her “identity” taken away from her. The man/Adam is the tree and the snake, which implies temptation and trickery. The tree/man/snake is neutral, in his environment, note the forestry around the head and the oozing growth through the door. Eden. It’s Eve’s fault she is looked at as an easily led, greedy whore for going with the snake to the tree. And the injustice of this act is she is stripped of her mask/identity and viewed by society (and sees herself in the mirror) as something terrible, sinful and unworthy. This is an illustration of injustice and the consequences of following the snake, the curse of the woman, and her torment for all of time. To always be seen and see herself as as unfit or wrong. Whereas the tree and the snake just chill in their environment. Patriarchy. And the ridiculous Christian undertones that still run through our society and system” – Bianca Mae Salisbury

In other great news I just found out I’m among the 283 artists that will be featured in Spectrum 23! It’s a huge honor and I’m currently waiting to find out which of my pieces made into the book.

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