Fighting a Titan
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As a kid I loved comic books, the underdog hero fighting an over the top villain and winning an impossible battle. These stories always captured my imagination and sense of adventure. So, when I was introduced to Greek mythology, I couldn’t help, but see a direct correlation between comics and the Greek myths.

One of the creatures that I always found the most terrifying and most intriguing was Medusa. A creature with heads of snakes as hair, seriously? Snakes totally scared me to death, so forget about anything else, Medusa was hands down the scariest of all the Greek monsters. And the thought of Perseus taking on this creature, whose gaze could turn him to stone in an instant, made him the ultimate hero. Conquering his fears and beating a creature that he had no business fighting, let alone winning against, was just amazing. Maybe, I too could be a hero and conquer my fears and win battles that to me seemed impossible to win.

Here’s to Perseus one of the world’s first superheroes and his true heart of a hero, daring to inspire minds both young and old.

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