Set Dressing & Concept Development for Key & Peele’s Movie ‘Keanu’
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“Let’s say you’re an artist, and seemingly out of the blue a Hollywood production company wants to hire you to draw pictures of your very favorite thing (in this case, hip-hop artists) for a cutting-edge comedy team’s first feature film. That’s what happened to illustrator Leigh Cox. She created artwork for Key & Peele’s new movie Keanu, in which Jordan Peele’s character, Rell, plays a stoner artist. Those pen and ink drawings you see in the background at Rell’s? And also the closing credits? Cox drew them. In fact, her artwork so nicely dovetailed with the film that the writers wound up developing that aspect of Rell more.”

Many thanks to a great interview I had with Paste Magazine for explaining my latest project so well! Late last year I was contacted by an art director working for Warner Bros to ask if I’d be interested in doing a series of portraits of rappers as set dressing for their lead characters apartment. Already a huge fan of both Key & Peele and drawing rappers, I leapt at the chance! The project blossomed to include a wide variety of musicians, past poster designs re-imagined, and even famous movie scenes as depicted with cats. My work can be seen clearly covering the walls of Rell’s apartment in the official trailer!

The project flew by, and I really enjoyed the challenges presented by the fast timeline, constant edits and of course Warner Bros formidable legal department. Keanu is available now in the U.S. on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Blu Ray.

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