Krög the Battle Prince: Beyond the Great Hall
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From the back cover of the novel:
“Krög’s father, the wise and fearsome Battle King, expels his son from the confines of the Great Hall just weeks before the prince’s 25th birthday, and sends the untested, uninterested junior warlord on a series of zany and tumultuous labors of would-be greatness. Much to Krög’s chagrin, he finds he is painfully naive in the hazards of the world beyond his fortress city, and it will take a heap of luck just to bumble past the next signpost.”

I had a complete blast, not only illustrating the cover for this retro, Python-esque D&D adventure novel, but also designing the cover and type to look straight-off of an old-school roleplaying manual. I can’t wait to illustrate Krög’s further adventures!

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