ComicBase 2017 Cover
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I was commissioned to create the cover art for ComicBase and my client requested that the image I create tell a strong story. I ended up writing my own short intro to the piece as well for fun:


It had begun that morning, over crepes and those curious violet berries Flynn had found in the High Himalayan City.
The invitation had come in the night, and Angela’s movements with the letter opener were as skilled as they were swift.
After a moment’s review, she handed him the note with a wry smile.

“Sir Edmund Havelock is throwing a party? And inviting you?” Flynn was incredulous. “It’s obviously a trap”.
“Oh, yes.” Angela answered, her smile widening. “But I shall not be the one caught out.”
So saying, she drew Flynn’s smallest laser carbine from the bureau drawer and hooked it to her garter.

Eighteen hours later….

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