The Lost Time series
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Last spring I got a chance to work on a personal project. The concept of time and urgency was paramount, so I decided on a concept of three girls going on an adventure to retrieve a magical hourglass and return it to Sandman, its rightful owner.

I wanted to tap into the timelessness of Peter Pan and it wasn’t until I showed it to an audience that I saw the parallels to Harry Potter. I love that the themes of survival, time, and strength run through all of those works.

For your viewing pleasure, here are “Escape from the Hornet’s Nest” and “Who’s This?” from the “Lost Time” series.

Mariya Prytula
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Mariya works watercolor magic to create children's and nature illustrations.

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Mariya has the exceptional ability to make fantasy more vivid and vibrant. I love the subtle texture and the outrageous detail and realism, as well as the simplicity of it.
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