Nothing ventured…
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My agent asked me if I could handle this job. The artist the client really wanted to use was on holiday, but hey, I can handle being ‘second choice!’.

The brief was straightforward. ‘Illustrate a window cleaner on a skyscraper with a blue sky reflection’. This was to accompany a story about a window cleaner in San Antonio who returned to the job he loved after a life-saving back operation.

The job wasn’t an actual ‘goer’, but as I was sitting around waiting for another job to start anyway, I thought I might as well work it up as a sample piece for my folio. Anyways, I didn’t get the job, but I did get a new folio piece. Nothing ventured….

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I'm a British illustrator. I've been illustrating for almost thirty years, I love what I do and I hope that enthusiasm is reflected in my work. I worked for several years in advert… Show more.

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