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Art on a Postcard raise funds for the Hepatitis C Trust through the sale of postcards by visual artists of all kinds. I’ve made postcards for them the last couple of years and I recently also did an illustrated interview with them for their blog. I was given 10 questions to respond to, the only catch being no words were allowed, illustrations only! I really enjoyed making these drawings. These are the responses to ‘What is it about the format of the postcard that most excites you?’, ‘What is your favourite part about summer?’, ‘Can you depict your favourite book?’ and ‘You have written that you live with a large flock of imaginary animals, create a portrait of one of them.’

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Emma Russell is a freelance illustrator based in London. She specialises in line drawings, flat colour and patterns. She also hand-cuts paper to make 3D models. She often m… Show more.

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