Pizzeria Disgusto – new cartoon book
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I’m very excited to announce my very first crowdfunding campaign for my upcoming cartoon book “Pizzeria Disgusto”!

Pizzeria Disgusto is a collection of 60 unique illustrations about the weird and funny side of Italian cuisine. It’s 80 pages, full of illustrated puns and wordplays about pizza, pasta and other Italian delicacies.

By backing the campaign you can help make Pizzeria Disgusto come to life. You can chose from a lot of different rewards. Some of them are only exclusively available during the campaign, like original drawings or even a brush made out of my moustache (aka. The Brushtache!). And every backer of the book will get a Kickstarter-exclusive screen print too.

Find out more about the campaign on Kickstarter or at www.pizzeriadisgusto.com

Thanks for your support!

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